Remember how at the end of the film the Iron Giant was blown to bits while redirecting that nuclear warhead safely away from town? I found his head a couple days ago. A little rusty now, and worse for the wear, but unmistakable. I can't believe it landed there like that, so am guessing that someone else actually "found" it, and propped it up until it could return to its rightful owner.

Meanwhile, while I was busy noticing how busy the graffiti's in the area have been lately, a mangy (and I do mean mangy) coyote, disturbed from an early afternoon siesta, was busy noticing, and keeping, a watchful eye on me. Funny (in some sense of the word), but while I was busy noticing it noticing me I failed to notice some rock that must have been big enough to give me a pinch flat. Apparently there was far too much noticing going on, and conversely not enough noticing, both at the same time.