Bike Nab It

You got that new bike for Christmas, didn't you? The one with all those high-end components? The color scheme just as you wished? No. Well, welcome to the club. But you do have a bike? Of course you do, why else would you be reading this?

In either case now might be a good time to provide a little protection to your ride. About five years ago I posted about a new bicycle registry that was being created by Dale, of the Velo, to provide bike owners with a quick, easy way to register their bikes online, and enable them to send an alert in case of theft. At that time testing and formulating were still taking place. Earlier this year the fully functioning Bike Nab app was implemented. Access (membership?) to the registry is offered through many local bike shops at the time of purchase, but you can always join, and register, as many bikes as you have after the fact, anytime. The app allows you to report a stolen bike, and provides law enforcement agencies with a searchable database, aiding in, not just recovery efforts, but arrest efforts as well - after all, you can't arrest someone for being in possession of something that has not been reported stolen.

Interested in learning more, stop by and talk to Dale, you local bike shop guys, or go online.