Slashing Butterflies

Now, I'm not saying I felt threatened, but that butterfly was clearly making a statement, one just shy of an attempt at intimidation. I have had close encounters with the colorful winged bugs while riding before; they always went amicably enough, or at least ended that way. At least I thought they did. Of course I may not have read them correctly. After the latest encounter, I may have to rethink things. 

Riding the rock and sand club loop I had maybe a second or two to notice a mottled orange spot flittering around just ahead. Neither changing course, nor slowing down, I bulled ahead focused on other things, like rocks and sand, for instance. When we did not collide I assumed that everything was fine, that each of us were continuing on our respective ways. Little did I know that the orange dudette had been sucked into my draft, and that she was about to show her ire. Pulling one of those classic sci-fi maneuvers - the kind where you greatly increase speed and momentum by swinging around an object, like a sun, or in this case, a bicyclists helmeted head, that flutterby came swinging back around in front of me, and cutting in close at neck height. One outstretched wing left just the slightest sensation  against my skin as she raced past from right to left. A blade would have drawn blood.

I didn't even need to think about it, there was no question, no debate was necessary, the move was a clear threat intended as a warning. Butterflies! What is a rider going to do?