Two Wheel Tuesday: The Three Mike Ride

They followed the wrong Mike. Don't get me wrong, they got a better ride by following the Mike that they did, but by following the wrong Mike they did not get to the beer part of the ride nearly as quickly. At some point during the day I saw that Mike would be joining the mtb 2WT group this week instead of the road group. More, I saw that it was part of his preparations for the upcoming Triple Crown Series. "Oh, man" I thought, "no social ride this time." I was pretty sure that no one else knew what was in store for them / us, but when no objections were raised to following that other Mike, I bit my tongue and went along for the ride. It was fine, riding portions of the course, which are not trails I normally ride, but eventually that Mike, and those following closest to him (which happened to be everyone other than this Mike) took a wrong turn, if you know what I mean. That was fine too, because right about then my alarm went off - beer time, beer time, beer time - is what is says. Much better than beep, beep, beep if you ask me. I don't know if anyone else's alarm went off, but by then it didn't matter, because they had followed the wrong Mike.


there is a Mike in that bunch

blurred; even standing still this Mike is too fast for the camera

a shadows length lead

off again

I really hate this washboard descent