War Cries

The world was on the verge of mass riot - accusations and slanderous invectives pummeled one side, then back against the other. Every time one looked up, or, even more likely, looked down at a phone there was another, previously sane, person drawn into the fray, a real donnybrook that continued to expand throughout the day; the cracking sound of cudgel against skull, or dull thud into soft belly was nearly as loud as the shouted curses as each side attempted to drown out the reason of the other side. Not even the fall of night brought any respite from the action, which simply followed the sun around the globe spreading the conflict from one continent to the next, none wanting to be left out.

A new days dawning brought no resolution; though much of the heat had been tempered by resignation, there was still plenty of angst to fuel the controversy. The two camps still stood resolute in their rightness and, though some tried to bridge the waring sides, the middle ground was a spongy mess littered with bodies and bikes, leaving the moderate voices catching flak from both sides of the divide and unable to sway many minds to the common ground. The Cav was out with injuries sustained. The Sagan was out, judged to be at fault. Footage of the spark that started the war spread through the media - multiple angles, close-ups, slow motion, each side seeing justification in the overwhelming evidence. The army of Cav was adamant. But so too were the legions of Sagan. From those multitudes sprang a new campaign, one to reinstate their leader - folly, of course. Once you are out, there is no coming back

By the third day, blood was still boiling for some, those who vowed that they were done, that nothing good could happen with their man gone, and that they would, thus, waste no more precious time. As resignation continued its spread through the masses, memes took the place of anger, which faded as smirks and snarks took over where previously war cries held reign. At that point those who simply enjoy the competition no matter the outcome, those who had kept their heads down, undercover, watching with amusement, finally felt safe to emerge. It was a new day, a new race after all, wide open, and who could tell what would happen tomorrow.