Two Wheel Tuesday, and the Legend of Bloody L'elbow

Hard to believe but there was a time when the name Bloody L'elbow was never heard around the trails of Bonelli. Those were peaceful times, innocent times, times of little concern. But times change, and with those changes came Buddy L'elbow. There are those who have said that Bloody L'elbow was forced to travel great distances to ride with the Two Wheel Tuesday tribe. Every week, it has been told, L'elbow crossed valleys, forded rivers and raging dry streams, climbed and then descended modest hills because his own Eagle Rock people forbade him to ride their local trails. Bloody L'elbow was not named in recognition of his grace on two wheels. No, Bloody L'elbow could, and often would, crash with the best of them. The legend may have been born from the tall tales told around the brewery campfire, but it really came to life when L'elbow exhibited his particular talent as a live action hero on those Tuesday setting-sun evenings. 

There are those who have said that L'elbow forced his way into the 2WT bunch, following an ill-advised [?] invitation from a legal brother or two, but the truth is the weekly dirty half dozen were more than welcoming of L'elbow not for his charm, his wit, or Bond-like debonaire, but because he made everyone look so good, accomplished, even vaguely professional. 

Given the number of times L'elbow is reputed to have allowed his bike to hit against rock and hard-packed dirt, most people would be hesitant to mount up on twenty year old carbon. Not L'elbow, who considers it an honor to ride the old mule until such time as it finally cracks in two. In time, and bolstered with crucial eye-witness evidence the legend has continued to grow, mature, and even prosper.

Whether forced upon us, or invited, I think we all welcome Bloody L'elbow each week, knowing full well that the ride would not be the same without him.