The Rock & Sand Club Loop: When You Gotta Go

If you were riding the Rock & Sand Club Loop, or were just down in the basin exploring off the paved path, and you didn't know that just days previously this was a construction staging area replete with big machinery and an office trailer, you might think that a couple Jon's ToGo might have been placed for the use of recreational area users like yourself. Or, if you know a little about the area you might have thought they were part of some social services program, placed for the use of occupants of the many homeless encampments in the dams' wide and, surprisingly secluded, basin. Either one of those scenarios might seem likely.

I stopped on the first lap just to see if the foot pump at the sink was working - it was - and so I would have a photo to illustrate the daily commentary. Simply rode past on the second lap. On the third lap I noticed a group of riders, appearing to be a couple dads out for a ride with the kids on a Sunday morning, had taken the couple JonToGo's at face value. After all, if they are there, and even if "there" is the middle of nowhere, someone will use them.

All that is left of last weekend's decent-sized tadpole pond are two little soup bowls.
The few poliwogs left, just as doomed as those that went before them.