Morning with the Dirty Chain Gang: Just Fine

It was about giving thanks for an effort that would benefit us all, and of recognizing an accomplishment reflecting the character of the individual behind it all. Troop 635, out of Rancho Cucamonga was on hand to support their latest Eagle Scout, Rick Lebel, as he sliced through the ribbon dedicating the new bike repair station at the Bracket Field entry to Bonelli Park. La Verne Mayor Don Kendrick and several City Councilmembers assisted and spoke of how the station would fit in to their plans for increased active transportation. Representatives of the La Verne Bicycle Coalition presented Rick with a certificate of recognition. Behind it all the Psycho-Lists Dirty Chain Gang, as representatives of the wider cycling community, stood by as appreciative witnesses.

Throwing a little grey damper over the event was not the morning fog, which kept things cooler, but the discovery that the stands' tools had been stolen overnight by some... [fill in your own choice word, there are a number that will work]. By the way you can still contribute to the funding of the project at its GoFundMe page.

The ceremonial part of the morning complete, the Dirty Chain Gang (DCG) saddled up and hit the trail. The hills, as dry as they are, were more than welcoming. I am not saying it would not be favored, but the Gang don't need no stinking greenery to have fun, old dried up shrubs and grass will do just fine.

give a mountain biker any little dirt slope and he will turn it into a playground

up the switchbacks...

and out of the trees

I will take my cross bike some places, he took his everywhere

huddle in the hills above Pomona