Dry Things

If it had not been for the movement of various watercraft out on Puddingstone, I could have easily thought the water to be imaginary, a mirage. The hills are dry, extra crispy dry, as you would expect for the end of July. The lack of moisture extended beyond my surroundings on this second day into a super-extended weekend. Since returning to the Felt a month or so ago, long enough for dust to settle into every moving part, creaking sounds, diminished chain "glide" have been increasing. All those suspension pivot points, and other points of connection have a way of making their displeasure at my neglect known. 

The other night - Two Wheel Tuesday - a standard tube of chapstick came out of some hydration pack, not for a riders' dry lips, but for a balky pedal / cleat connection. Trailside genius I had never encountered before. I mean wax has long been used as chain lube, so in a pinch why not? If it had not taken me three days to realize the simple expediency I would have stocked my camelbak with a small tube and used it this very day.

dry thistles

dry trails, dry mustard

dry mouth

dry stacks of wood

dry pivots

dry buckwheat flowers

cry cacti

dry chain, dry pepper berries

dry pedals