Cycling 1839-1939

Picked up this little gem of ephemera recently. The little booklet of cigarette cards featuring bicycles, and bicycle themed subjects, dating from the period 1839-1939, was published by John Player and Sons, a branch of the Imperial Tobacco Company (of Great Britain and Ireland Ltd.) hence the "cigarette cards." My copy is not in pristine condition, but considering its age, it has weathered the years pretty well. A previous owner has added some flourishes of color to the clothing of the riders, both those on the cover, and a few inside which, I guess, either detracts from it or does not depending on your attitude. This booklet is complete, all the cards are in it, secured in their proper places, which I shall share as "From the Archives" features over the coming months.

For now, here is the cover, front and back (excuse the creepy, lurking Mr. Potato Head, he just wanted to lend a helping hand):