Carpinteria for the Day

Beach towns. I don't think you can find another locale where bicycles are ridden on a regular basis more than in a beach town. People from out of town, settling in for a visit, bring their bikes with them. Locals know that, especially when the summer crowds arrive, their bikes are the easiest way to get around. Kids pack bags for the day, use baskets, racks for boards, and ride what ever short distance for a day on the sand, in the water, on the waves. It can be tough to determine which bikes are local, and which not, though it doesn't really matter - ultimately both serve the same purpose.

During an extra-long weekend, I took a day to revisit these old stomping grounds - Carpinteria - naturally snapping a few photos here and there (those shown are but a small fraction). Many roadies riding through town, but mostly in-town cruisers, repurposed mountain bikes, baskets and racks. Everyday, any day, utility.

racked on Linden

Whaaaaaaat? happened to Rincon Cycles - gone.

bmx on the beach

home from the sands

townhouse bike parking


waiting for the Surfliner to pass