Like most of you, I am outraged and dismayed, at the incident assault that took place in the Masters 45+ race at Ladera Ranch this past weekend. Equally am I outraged and dismayed at the local doping revelations that have come to light in the past two weeks. The idea that dopers race in our amateur midst has circulated for quite some time - it is a sad reflection of the weakness of some of our fellow riders. The idea that there might be a fellow racer who would desire to inflict harm upon one of our rank is all the more egregious and unsavory.

It has been a solid five years since I last raced, but my senses of such things have not dulled so much, and even I could see the take down in last weekends race was not a typical foul. Do that on a court or field and someone walks away with sore ribs for a few days. Do it in a bike race and, as we saw, someone does not walk away. An unintentional sketchy move is one thing. Even an intentional sketchy move is one thing. This was far more sinister and serious. 

Three stories within the past couple weeks have done nothing to weaken my resolve that I am in some way not better off out on the weekend criterium course, nor do they help nudge me toward a renewal of my racing license. Taking photos and writing may not be as fun, as satisfying, but at least I can walk away and ride another day.

If half of what I have read about the suspect since the assault is true, USA Cycling and its local administrative arm, the SCNCA, should take action to ensure he must find another sport. Might I suggest sumo.

If you were not already aware, a GoFundMe page has been established to help John Walsh with his medical expenses.