Up the Road: Bike Stand Dedication

As you can see by the color in the background, the annual greening of the slough is in full effect, and it almost looks as if you could ride right across it rather than balance your way across the fallen tree. The show has been building for a couple weeks now and is probably at its visual peak, making this The weekend for viewing. If you needed any more reason to get out and ride, the formal dedication of the new bike repair station will take place Saturday (tomorrow) morning at 8:00am; I know the word has circulated among all the local cycling groups, clubs, teams. The Dirty Chain Gang will be holding their weekly ride at Bonelli and hopefully many others will see fit to include the ceremony as part of their morning plans - after-all not only mountain bikers ride in, and through, Bonelli. It would be some affirmation if we all appeared en-mass to show the young man who took on the endeavor, as his Eagle Scout project, that his efforts are appreciated. It is the weekend, so bring out your bikes.