This Bud's for You, 14 June

Standing in the d.g. the crunch and grind of little stones inevitably, infinitesimally wearing away the metal of cleats locked to the soles of shoes. Dusty coating will cause creaking at cleat - pedal connections later. Over there, across the street, the concrete sidewalk would be far more harsh, unforgiving. Well, at least it is not the sprinklers making mud and soggy shoes. Some others move for that reason, though the droplets would probably feel good; the sun a blazing hot orb three hours earlier, is now much subdued in the evening breeze, the long work day, crossing the sky, behind it. Leaves dance at the ends of their tethers. Not so today's racers whose seeming slow motion drive brings them into distant view. Invisible tethers link them to a wheel, and rider, directly ahead; all but one - someone must ride point.  Closer they approach until, eventually, all tethers are cast aside. The tight bunch now spread across the road. No more dancing around it, each choosing his or her own line, the course of their charge, like a rampaging herd making for the nearest water hole after a dusty, thirsty drive.