Like a Dropper Post, Only Not

¿Whoa!? Que paso? That's pretty thick-walled tubing, man. The last thing I expected to see when my rear end (that rear end) suddenly sensed it was not seated quite as high as it was a mere split-second earlier, was my seat post sheared nearly, if not also nearly neatly, at the seat tube. The two halves were still connected by the proverbial thread, albeit a metal thread. Never-the-less I knew the remainder of the ride would be completed while standing on the pedals - no more of that sitting down stuff today. My main concern was that enough attachment remained to let me pull it all out later. No such luck; it wasn't long before the break completed its circumference, clattering to the dirt, though thankfully, without becoming entangled in my downhill spinning rear wheel. I believed there was some good news in that I only had a short uphill climb before a three mile downhill to home. As it turns out, what I thought was good news was actually bad news, and I would have preferred a bit more variety to the topography; standing on the pedals for that long is a bit of a strain.

Other than tubes and tires I have had very few failures on my bikes over the years (chains, cable, and a saddle are the only things I can think of right now), and a seatpost failing where this one did is one of the last things I would have expected. So the question is should I go with the same brand which, honestly, has served me long and well? Doubts persist. Anyone ever see a break like this before?

a devilish face

Johnson's Pasture area

lots of dry grass and blue sky

on the other hand, and until I get a new post (tomorrow!) I've got myself a trials bike