Two Wheel Tuesday: Group and ReGroup

It is a rough sort of circle, but a circle none-the-less. It is the way cyclists tend to gather whether the gathering be pre-ride or during a mid-ride regroup. The circle provides equal footing to everyone around, the one time during the ride when that is the case; when the wheels begin their turning... well, that is another matter. One way or another the sorting takes place. Take Tuesday nights' mtb group for instance - over the bridge and through the woods to where the switchbacks reared up, six riders handled them just fine. The seventh rider, wearing Coates kit (and oddly not visible in the photo below, hmmm) took an unnaturally high line through the final left turn, front going up a little too high on the slope causing his body to go down the slope, if you know what I mean. Still pretty quick to jump off the bike, he never lost his feet, but still emerged full of foxtails and prickly thistle which, at this very moment, itch, let me tell you. Certainly, and though the switchback never gives him problems when riding solo, there is nothing equal about that.