The Free People's Republic of Bonelli

I can't attest to the vintage of some of the other signets and slogans in faded paint I have seen around Bonelli, but the ones I saw today are unquestionably new. Can a proclamation declaring the Free People's Republic of Bonelli be far off? Of course I can't help but think these slogans, this sharing of ideas would be more appropriate where the means of production takes place, rather than scrawled on some road surface, or wall of an out-of-the-way tunnel in a park. It is okay if the revolution starts small, but this start seems mostly obscure and unnoticed.

And then there were the snakes, or at least evidence of the snakes we have been hearing a lot about already this Spring. A wavy line in the dirt suggests that one was pretty good sized. A couple squirrels in a tree to my right as I took the photo were quite agitated; I couldn't be sure if it was due to my closeness, or the snakes.