Ibis Nights: The Cross Town Loop

Allow me to pose a question: What is the best way to learn something? I think most people, whether liberal or conservative, would agree that the best way to learn something is to live it, whatever it might be. There is nothing quite like on-the-job training. Barring that you'd probably study the heck out of it, whatever it might be. So when I rode upon the installation seen below at the Pomona College Art Studio I immediately recognized that someone wanted to learn a thing or two about bikes, or bike racks, or how to lock bikes to bike racks (hint, don't forget the wheels). And thus the bench seats, the table between them with working lamp, all oriented toward the bike and rack, maybe suggest a focus for whoever happens to be seated there for just a moment, or longer, a pause as they pass by.

meanwhile the Matilija Poppies are cooking along this part of the Cross Town Loop