Happy as a Bee

Not just any happy bee, mind you, but the very happiest bee you could ever hope to see, see. Seriously, if bees held Olympic Games this one would be a gold medal swimming champion. It looked like it was doing the butterfly, on the surface one second then down, in and out, and all around those stamens and other plant parts, thoroughly coating itself in that fine yellow pollen. It was fascinating in its way; maybe I should try for a third career path - entomology. Not to be outdone, I must admit to being pretty happy too. More heat today than I was ready for, slower pace than I would have liked but... Riding!

there is going to be a bumper crop of Bonelli berries this summer - big spreading patches of vines along both sides of this particular section of trail; if you know where it is you're in luck.

people always used to take these handlebar shots, but you don't see them much anymore


Herbert and cactus flowers