Found Stuff: Good and Bad

When ever I come upon these wheel reflectors I wonder if it is just the beginning. Will there be a second just up the trail, or the road? Will there be a succession of cheap bike parts littering the ground at regular intervals culminating with thoroughly taco'ed wheels, or a frame neatly snapped in two?

Two inner tubes bedecked this mangle of mustard. Neither would be put to their intended use again, their stems either completely separated, or dangling. Did they come from the same bike as that reflector? Did they weight too much? Were they too bulky to stuff into...? I can't recall ever not hauling out my own flatted tubes after replacing them and, though I don't make a habit of managing others', I folded them both up and packed them out.

I rode twice at Bonelli last week and both times found feathers from the same bird; by that I mean the same species. One larger and slightly different shaped, but the same banding, same colors. 

Multiple balloons added color to the dry grass last Friday.

The little bit of wall provided by the stones forming the letter 'G' appears to have been just enough shelter for the rabbits atop the Everest of Bonelli.


Many of the wildflowers are gone by now, but these daisies are just peaking.