Broad and Diverse: The LACBCEverywhere Interviews

If you have not seen this, it might be a bit incriminating to admit, suggesting that, perhaps, you are in fact not a member of the LACBC and thus not on the mailing list of the county's largest bicycle advocacy organization. So just don't admit it, and the next time you see me just say you liked the interview, that you never realized my life was so plain, and that you now know more about me than you ever wanted to. Better yet, after reading go ahead and send the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition a few dollars and tell me you were inspired by the interview.

Anyway, my little part not-withstanding, if you have not seen the series of interviews for Bike Month yet you should check them out. Zachary, aka Ciclavalley has gone to a lot of effort tracking down wayward cyclists across the county and pestering them for answers to, sometimes serious, sometimes trivial, questions. The interviews provide a glimpse at just how broad and diverse our community of cyclists is.