2017 Ride of Silence

First things first - Cycling Connection needs to recognized for hosting, once again, the Inland Empire Ride of Silence. Though it was not completely silent. Not all of that non-silence could be attributed to a redneck driving a pickup with his 'merican flag flying, rushing home for his next six-pack, thinking he is being inconvenienced, but failing to understand what inconvenience really is. Does there always have to be one? But that is another story.

Remembrance. Awareness. These are the dual purposes of the Ride of Silence. We remember our fellow cyclists who have been killed while riding our streets and roadways in areas both urban and rural, all around the world. We remember them because they were one of our group, whether they lived on the next street, the next town up the road, or half way around the world. We shared a common bond whether they spoke the same, or a different language. We remember them because most of the world will not.

We ride in silence to raise awareness. No matter how accomplished we may be as riders, no matter how careful we may ride, no matter how many safety classes we may pass, the lives of ourselves and our fellow cyclists are, more often than not, in the hands of those who control the larger, more dangerous vehicle. We ride in silence to give voice to those lives have been silenced forever more.