2017 Mid-Season Criterium: Suddenly a Summer

Suddenly the sun went from friend to foe. Spectators scrambling for small slivers of shade, even racers waiting, last minute, to toe the line. Well, not everyone, perhaps. And you couldn't escape forever.

Escape. It has been a while since I have seen so many solid break attempts. The most solid of all, and the ride of the day, was that of Alexander Romanenko in the 55-rider combined Cat 3/4 race. When the bunch came into the chicane at the end of the first lap Romanenko's was the first wheel around. Relentlessly over the next few laps he opened a gap. Whether the rest of the race failed to take his move seriously, or underestimated his ability, the result was the same. Settling into a relaxed resting-on-the-bars position and steady cadence, a twenty to twenty-five second lead never faltered, never slipped. In a way that made the race a little less than exciting, but impressive? Without question.

Romanenko on his own, off the front (as he was the entire race)

Continued thanks to Pacific Sunset Velo for keeping the monthly crit racing going out this way. You will find a selection of 113 photos in the Flickr album, all from the Jr. 13-14 and 17-18, Masters 50+, Cat 3/4, Masters 45+, and Cat 4 races.