2017 Ontario Easter Sunday Criterium

It was a fine day for a race, wouldn't you say? The sun was shining, Spring was in the air, the mountain were looking majestically mountainous in the background, the Bunny paid considerately early visits so that families could come out to cheer their favorite dads, brothers, sisters and moms.

I suppose, given the day, there should be some talk of resurrection. Other than the 40+ race, which was unusually small for some reason, the morning races, right up to the noon hour, were some of the healthiest and most competitive crits I've seen in a while. There were plenty of break attempts, some opening big gaps late in their race but, each time the chase proved up to the task and each finale came down to a field sprint. Case in point was the Cat 3/4 race - the 4s had already raced once, the 3s would be the last race of th eday, and their combined race was pretty much right in the middle. Seems less than a month ago I mentioned Imeh Nsek making a bold move to win a Cat 3 race. That was longer distance power. Today was pure sprinting speed as he blasted clear thirty meters from the line. The young man has serious afterburners.

three reasons for South Bay Wheelmen strength in the 60+ bunch - John McKee, Leo Pettus, Michael Fleming

You will find a selection of eighty-four photos in the Flickr album. As usual there are more where those came from, so if you don't see what, or who, you were looking for in the album, let me know.