Two Wheel Tuesday: Fish(ing) for Beer

Kind of seemed like a new beginning tonight; first Two Wheel Tuesday after the time change giving us an extra hour of daylight. We are guaranteed to have sunsets now, and tonights was about as good as they get. Unfortunately the photo I took to show some absolutely amazing reds (red skies at night, sailors' delight) just did not work out, so I will have to make do with the yellows and oranges - fair consolation. The road group was full, and the mtb group seemed to be regathering its strength as well, especially after the solo-fiasco of two weeks ago. Four regulars (Carla, Corey, Jonathan) were joined by two new-to-the-group riders, one with superior powers of observation who recognized me from when I rode past his house on my road bike the other night, and one, aka Fish, who bought the first round of the La Verne Brewing Company's finest beverage - beer (the Dead Leprechaun was quite quenching after a thirsty ride). Now that is a new beginning of note!

The Two Wheel Tuesday rides (road and mtb) ride out each and every Tuesday evening at 6:30 from the La Verne Brewing Co. Remember, even though the light is longer-lasting, it is still dark before we finish, so bring your lights.

still down

Big Sky, and I'm not talking about the recently bike-unfriendly state

golden state

best thing about the longer days - I can take photos without blinding everyone with a flash