Through the 'Crik' Skinny

Or maybe I should say, "through the crik slim." Slim sounds better anyway; literary tropes have imbued "slim" with a little extra vernacular mystique that "skinny" just don't have. I couldn't make it out for the new local Monday gravel ride, but like a good load of others I wanted to celebrate the commencing of longer days with a ride on the pavement skinnies. 

Sure, the crik weren't really much of a crik, more like a gutter with water from someone's drainin' concrete-lined swimmin' hole, but it was a good inch deep at the flow line. Barely enough water to get the bottom o' m'shoes wet, but ya'll mark my words, in a few months' time we'll be a lookin' at an inch a water and callin' it a flood.

See y'all at Two Wheel Tuesday tommora'.