Some Claremont Cycling News: Recognizing Corey, and CicLAvia

There was an audible sucking in of air from those seated in the chamber - you know the sound people make when they are suddenly surprised, or shocked, by something said, or done. In this case the sound was a response to that "more than eighty years" statistic that has been spoken, or written of, much over the first three months of the year - a specific reference to the number of years Coates Cyclery was in business (much to his merit, Corey does not look anywhere near eighty years old).

Well, anyway, the Claremont City Council recognized Corey, and Coates, during the council meeting last night, presenting him with a certificate in acknowledgment of all the outreach, the donations made, and all the other forms of involvement he contributed to our local community. 

Claremont City Councilmembers Sam Pedroza, Opanyi Nasiali, Larry Schroeder, Joe Lyons and Corey Calaycay, with Coates Cyclery owner Corey McCroskey

As far as I knew beforehand, that was the entirety of my reason for being at the council meeting last night - my own (actually, a number of cyclists attended) little show of support and appreciation, but as I was headed out the door following the ceremony, I heard "cicLAvia" and spun on my toes to retake a seat. Little did I know that Romel Pascual, Executive Director of the CicLAvia organization would be giving a presentation about next years' open streets event here in the Pomona Valley. 

That is not a surprise to anyone, is it? The news of an event coming our way has been around for a little while now; I think Doug, over at Cycling Around La Verne even mentioned the date at one point of another - 22 April 2018. What was news to me was that the CicLAvia organization, with Metro funding, was at the reins of the planning process - I am going to call that good news considering all the experience they bring to the table. I was most interested in the map of the route (which was, unfortunately, only briefly on the screen) which showed the Claremont hub (the Village), heads south on College to Arrow, heading west to Pomona, La Verne and, ultimately, San Dimas. At some point it appeared the route jogs back up to Bonita, but as I said, I didn't quite catch where. 

Its exciting, its happening. Expect more information to be revealed over the next couple months.