March RAP: Where's the Statue?

The Ride Around Pomona has evolved in to a themed-style monthly event; the last one I went to was about architecture, today the theme was sculpture, with a winding route that took the small group from the Art Colony to Ganesha Park and the Fairplex, and back into downtown Pomona. The RAP is the type of ride that I had hoped Cycle Claremont might become, but it never did. Anyway, the RAP is kind of organized by the Pomona Valley Bicycle Coalition (PVBC), though Marcus seems to take on much of the work himself, specifically the route and research. By research, of course, I mean that he researches the various points of interest that he takes the ride to, and then talks, briefly, about them once we are there. It is a great way to learn about the city, not just the specific point of interest, but the various, diverse neighborhoods the route wends its way through. The RAP is a slow-paced social-paced ride and, honestly, I can't imagine anyone having difficulty keeping up; watch for it the first Saturday of the month. This day's ride took in about ten pieces of sculpture/art, some familiar, some were of a common theme, and others were completely, pleasantly, surprisingly new; a few photos are here - a few more are on Facebook:

mostly quiet streets for the four of us

Pomona's newest sculpture

this is amazing and I never knew it was here - across from the Fairplex is the Soroptimist Redwood Grove. Dedicated in 1971, and planted with 200 redwoods in 1976, for the Bicentennial. This gateway is a large dreamcatcher. Many of the trees in the grove have died, and they have been turned into sculptures, a few of which you can just make out in the background and have various animals carved into the trunks / branches.

if you have ever been to the County Fair, or the Fairplex, you are probably already familiar with this one outside the Millard Sheets Art Center

Monument to the soldiers of World War I (with the Goddess Pomona)

which is the statue? the campus of the Western University of Health Sciences has many of these "lifelike" statues

 John and Marcus at the Dolphin sculpture