2017 San Dimas Stage Race, Stage Three Criterium

we've got plenty of cow bell, what we need is more accordion 

Zoe Ta-Perez (Sho-Air TWENTY20 Development)

volunteers with hats

you're hat is crooked officer

That was quite a move young Mr. Nsek made to win the Cat 3 race, wasn't it?

A couple of fast guys relaxing, Cyril and Charon

Everyone in attendance can probably pick out an exceptional performance during Sunday's competition. There were plenty to go around, but for me the race of the day turned out to be the Cat 3 win by local standout Imeh Nsek.

Nsek jumped away from the bunch of 3s late in the race. He wasn't alone in the escape, tht is, until he was; no one was able to match his drive or determination, and he eventually did find himself alone with only one place to go - the finish. Nsekwas able to extend a considerable gap over the chasers, but we all knew that group would make a fast and furious charge at the end. I was too far away from the finish to make it there for the sprint, but I could hear the announcer, so stopped dead in my tracks for a clear listen. The excitement as Nsek rounded the final turn told me that he was still alone. When the first chasers rounded into view nipping at his rear wheel, the excitement doubled. By that point, though, there was to be no denying the race leader; for all their strength in numbers, the chasers would not be able to close the cap Nsek had built over the previous laps. One second was all it took. One second was all that mattered.

There is a selection of 86 photos in the album for stage three, but there were another five hundred photos not in the selection, so if you don't see who, or what, you were looking for let me know and I will search to see what can be found.