2017 8 Hours of Bonelli

The last thing I did for eight hours straight, I woke up refreshed following a good nights sleep. If I had to race for that much time I might have to crawl home drooling and babbling incoherently. On a day of 90º plus temperatures, I was willing to watch others do that, take some photos from some nice shady spots for a few hours, and still be able to ride comfortably home - no drool, and no deranged conversations with "someone" I was unable to ride off my wheel. I love mountain biking, I loved to race, or what ever that was I once did, but I was not the least bit envious of those much more fit souls doing both today.

Sure David 'Tinker' Juarez was there, and did not appear to be having too much problem with the closest competitors in his division, but thats not surprising and does not detract from the output of most everyone else who, if I were to guess, would probably nave been a good three laps ahead of me at the half way mark. I do think I could have beat that crazy walker dude though - the guy strolling down the trail from Fatt Hill, blabbing on his phone and refusing to budge, forcing racers to take evasive action. What is the descriptive word I am trying to think of...

Anyway, great racing to everyone out there today. The Flickr album for the race is smaller than usual - a selection of only sixty-eight photos. consider them a representative sample of the other 556 photos not in the album, and as usual, if you don't see who, or what, you were looking for just let me know and I will see what I can find.