Slow Sunday Scenes in the Village: Crossing Guard

Gives a whole new meaning to the term "crossing guard." Now that I think about it there were at least a couple city council candidates at the farmers' market this morning, maybe the crossing guard is some kind of campaign pledge to ensure the safety of street crossing pedestrians. He did have a pretty big blaster holstered at his hip, after all. And what was with all the traffic today? Perhaps since it was the first beautiful Sunday of the year, people simply underestimated, or forgot that driving into the Village on such a day is not the best idea? I have said it before, I am sure I shall say it again - much better to ride.

street scene with cyclist

at school tomorrow some kid gets to say he high-fived a storm trooper

street scene with two cyclists

"you'll never guess who's standing behind me, in Claremont Village!"

street scene with three cyclists

twin schwinn

kicking off

two to go

and finally, in honor of the next holiday on the calendar: