Drink Local Coffee, Visit Local Bike Shops

Ah, that double-flat Saturday was salvaged with a visit to Augies on the way home where I was fortunate to find a little table "outside", looking up at the bikes outside Sunset Cycles, and wander up for a closer look. The hot coffee and cinnamon roll pairing made sitting there easy, watching people peer in the windows and open door of the Circus Studio; either I should have got out of my seat to look, or a class was just about to end, because there were a lot of spectators. I guess it was a bigger kick to head up the stairs to Sunset anyway - always fun to see what they have going on, and whether I can set any kind of low score record on the PacMan machine. An Iron Horse caught my eye, still can't decide if it belongs to a time when IH was a company of some renown, or after they were sold off into big-box obscurity.