As the Sun Sets on Coates Cyclery

The value of a business far exceeds however much money it makes per annum, or however many people it employs, or whatever economic impact it may bring to the community. There are often intangible connections, unseen and immeasurable, things we call loyalty and friendship. Some of that you can see in the newspapers and social media outlets who have run stories about the closing for the past couple weeks. There is nothing like walking through the doors, though, to bring those connections to life. The past few weeks have kind of been like a farewell tour, the long goodbye of a band saying thanks to their fans, and the fans getting one last live performance. Though it is not quite time to lock the doors for good, Saturday's potluck was indication that the end time is closing in. 

A week ago I said how sad it was looking inside the old shop, once full of the goods and merchandise we would drool over, scheme of ways to save up enough money to purchase, but now a quickly emptying shell. For a couple hours, maybe three, all the gloom of closing was replaced. People came from all around to fill the space once again; some were there the entire time, others came and went as their evening plans allowed, food and drink were shared, talk exchanged, laughs and music flowed through the open doors. Almost as if in answer to that, Mother Nature showed up, creating an amazing sunset, drawing the curtain down on the evening, as well as an era.

well now, this was a twist. somewhere along the line the evening turned into a lingerie party

the lyrics "green eyed lady, lovely lady, strolling slowly toward the sun" came to mind...

but then it was funny face time; lovely ladies.

Larry tried to quickly exit stage left

some Irish sounding tunes when I arrived turned to steel drums and reggae later

a line up of usual suspects

classic tilted bottle