Armstrong and I

First though - "hey" back at you, Trish. No I didn't do the Crazy Legs Ride, but I did watch them go by, which really is not the next best thing. Maybe soon.

It has been pretty infrequent this year, but we - Armstrong and I - used to get together quite frequently during .winter evening rides. Nothing spectacular, just some loops close to home in the dark after work. With, what I heard on the radio this evening, called the biggest storm to hit southern California in years (pretty sure they said that about the storm that hit a couple weeks ago too) breathing down our necks, I figured I should get out while I could. As usual, I didn't want to dedicate the time required for the Crazy Legs ride, which is extremely lame I know, but anyway... Instead, I rode over to Armstrong's. Stopped at a corner, we were sharing a joke when I realized that no one would believe me if I didn't snap a shot as proof. So I did: