Two Wheel Tuesdays: Two Times as Good

How many people does it take to make a good ride? By my calculations, it takes one. So, again by my calculations, if you have a ride with two people, you're doubly ahead of the game. I can't guarantee it works like that all the time, but it was definitely the case tonight. I don't know if you have noticed, but the past couple weeks have been kind of rider-sparse, even for the roadies. "Tis the Season" kind of gets in the way this time of year. Never-the-less, two was two times better than if it had just been myself. One advantage of "two" is that it makes for a quicker ride - not as much stopping, in fact only twice I think - once to shed wind breakers and arm warmers (what did happen to the cold temps of last night anyway), and once to look over all those lights of the Pomona Valley. One additional advantage is getting back to the La Verne Brewing Company tasting room quicker, quicker even than certain course-cutting roadies. Tis the Season for that too, which it okay - they are always good company to share a pint with.

So what happens when, after the new year, everyone returns to the ride? Will it be six times better? Ten times as good? More? I don't know if I can handle that much of a good thing. Thanks for riding, Carla. I am certain It would have only been half as much fun otherwise.