Two Wheel Tuesday: Buckle Up Rudolph

Buckle up Rudolph, it is going to be a bumpy ride. No, really. I had to strap him to the stem. He was game, though, and kept his hands in the air the entire ride. It was better than any roller coaster. For the past month now, the Two Wheel Tuesday mtb ride has upped the game, adding some of the more technical sections that Bonelli has to offer. Did someone forget that I suck at downhill? Just asking. That's alright, you know what they say - the only way we improve is by being challenged, pushing our limits. So when exactly is that improvement going to kick in? How long have I been doing this now?

In a rare turn-about there were more riders in the dirt, than there were on the road. Normally the dirty ones are out numbered two to one, or more. Tonight it looked to be the exact opposite, with twice as many riders on knobbies. Most of the regular mtbers turned out, but we were joined by a number of roadie regulars - and I still walked away with the worst descender award - proving, oh, I don't know, that I should, maybe, only ride uphill.

There was no moon, no stars on this evening. A thick covering of gray, and darker, colored clouds had slid in during the day leveling any depth above the ground plane, a blanket flattening out the city's lights. Not that we venture there during our night-time excursions, and those familiar hills remained unchanged by the canopy, the ups just as inclined, the downs just as declined.

Turns out that long-sleeved wool jersey, combined with wind-breaking vest, while fine for a winters ride in Seattle, was a bit much, and it didn't take long to start sweating, nor for the vest to become unzipped. Back at the ranch, good tamales, good beer, and good company made it all worth whatever effort was put into the ride, whether it was going uphill, or down.

Until next week at the Coates Cyclery hosted Two Wheel Tuesday rides, keep the rubber side down (though it is okay to get a little air between the rubber and the ground).

Back at the ranch with good tamales, good beer and good company.