An Ulterior Motive for the Cross Town Loop

True I thought the Fullerton Loop would be a little too muddy, and decided last night not to join the Dirty Chain Gang there this morning. But there was another reason to keep the ride close to home today. You see the mrs likes the Cross Town Loop and I was sure she would want to circle it if I brought it up. Half way around, the Loop passes by Coates and, well, it is the mrs' turn, and a long overdue one at that, for a new bike. The old, steel Bianchi she rides puts her at a disadvantage before even she even make that first downward pedal stroke. And you could say the same thing about her mountain bike as well. I knew how to get her to the shop, I just didn't know which type of ride she would choose.

The Cross Town Loop, itself, was good and fast today, a few muddy spots and even fewer water-filled puddles, but mostly good solid footing. In between there was good hot coffee and music in the Village; and after the first circuit, a second on my own, to test that good and fast theory.