Up the Road: Operation Firefly

So, are you feeling a little short on your good deeds for the year? Are you beginning to get a bit worried that a certain overweight (though I have heard rumors of snowy double brevets which have helped him to lose considerable poundage), white bearded fellow, will skip over your house at the end of December? If so, then I have just the thing you need - Operation Firefly, is the Pomona Valley Bicycle Coalition's annual light give-away to night-time riders in need or a little illumination, and sponsored this year by the AARP. This year's event is scheduled to take place in downtown Pomona on Thursday 10 November. Yes, this coming Thursday. Check for information here, and if you are free, consider lending a hand. Just think, the light you give to some un-lit rider could mean the difference between helping that person get home safely, or not. I would say that is good deed worthy, indeed.