Two Wheel Tuesday: Kona Night

Perhaps I should have saved that whole Mob Rule thing for this week - there were enough dirty riders (is that anything like Nasty women? I guess not, though I am quite sure there is much overlap, after all it was Susan B. Anthony who said "Let me tell you what I think of bicycling. I think it has done more to emancipate women than anything else in the world") to create a virtual stream along Bonelli's trails and fire roads. I am not saying that the road version of the Two Wheel Tuesday rides was put on hold for a week, but many, maybe most, of the roadies traded up to knobby tires for the night. And why not? Kona brought out a bunch of rippin' bikes for anyone, and everyone, to demo.

Anticipating an increase in the number of trail riders "the group" split into two right from the outset, allowing those who wanted to more aggressively test those Kona demo bikes with the opportunity to do so. Not that conquering curbs and the switchbacks, as well as the darkness, which is an entirely different experience on its own, isn't a staple of aggressive riding at some point in everyones ride history. Speaking of which, I overheard conversation at one point, concerning a few riders from the Claremont High School mountain bike team who were putting the hurt on everyone else in that "aggressive group." That's the kind of stuff any coach likes to hear.

That pushing the limits riding did result in one over the bar incident, obstacles hidden by the darkness, surprising, "oh shite!" and a thud. Well, shoulders heal, and hopefully it will need nothing more than that post ride icepack, and a bit of time to heal, and the to-remain-unnamed rider will be back with us.

You are probably going to get tired me saying it, was another unbeatable Tuesday - the riding and the riders, at the top of the list, but well complimented by the tasty treats afterward - the La Verne Brewing Company's finest beverages and, once again, those bacon-wrapped dogs, and burgers, cooked up by the Big Guyz Grill. Thanks go out to Coates Cyclery and Kona (many of which can be checked out at Coates) for making the demo possible.

still some dust being kicked up

the dam regroup

new Kona

old(er) Kona