Two Wheel Tuesday: Bigger Stones

In about 1985 the Beat Farmers sang about rolling Bigger Stones, a song I have always taken to be about something other than rocks. Something like having bigger huevos and doing things in our younger years, things that we may be less likely to do as we get older. Wiser? I don't know if twenty-five years would have made any difference - sucking at descending is likely the same at whatever age. What I have noticed since I started showing up for these night mtb rides is that the stones (rocks in this case) seem smaller, less intimidating. That may be due, in part, to the shadows, but it may also partially be due to a narrower field of vision. The combination of the two means that I am more likely to just bull my way down the trail, rather than attempting to ease my way around protruding rocks. It is funny, and certainly not the way I expected it would be; I would have assumed that the darkness would have equated to increased caution. But maybe that is just me - what to y'all think about it?

Like a skunk running out of the darkness beside the trail, this is just another surprise of the night-time Two Wheel Tuesday rides starting from the La Verne Brewing Company. Thanks to 3941 Tamales for coming out tonight, their motto, "Notcho Ordinary Tamale, Bigger is Better" is true; I could have been satisfied with one.

Herbert and the Gang

that is one bright windbreaker

attacking from the front

checking out the lights

over that bedrock outcrop, Crosby Trail

down to Bracket Field

Seems like we rolled bigger stones back then
Seems like we rolled bigger stones.