Trippin' on the Tryptophan

It has been, I don't know, ten years - at least - since last I rode the Fullerton Loop. So, when earlier in the week, I received an email about this years' edition of the Tour de Tryptophan, I set aside the afternoon on Friday for a, long overdue, visit. Those other, past, times riding Fully were during the heyday years of the SoCal Trail Riders, when they were the group to ride with. Since STR was a big group, with members all over the southland, their rides were also far-ranging, and took me to places that I would have otherwise been unaware of. Like the Fullerton Loop.

riders come and riders go at their own pace

Now, the Fully Loop is not Marshall Canyon, it is no Monroe Truck Trail, nor Bonelli Park, but being an entirely urban loop linking numerous city parks, along multi-use dirt paths, disused railway lines, skirting the fringes of a golf course, winding through a flood control basin, and similar and otherwise unused areas of a city, it is different and completely unique.

Technically the garden expansions, from the adjacent residences, along this popular opening stretch of trail and probably illegal encroachments upon the public space, but as long as they don't inhibit use (such as that steep side trail) I don't really mind. Some of them are quite attractive.

Chiquita Bandita, looking to hold up a train?

table and chair, just... there

abandoned line, luckily

Since it had been a few years, there were turns that I remembered along the, mostly, unmarked route, but others that I did not. On more than one occasion we (the mrs. and I) relied upon the kindness of other riders to keep us on track. One rider, in particular, took the time from what was his everyday ride, in order to guide us along the golf course, along the flood control channel and through the network of trails crisscrossing the basin, and back to our start at the court house. That was the first lap, and his guidance was enough to get us through a second lap on our own. Anyway, it made for a great day (quite frankly, and though I love having Bonelli so close, it can get kind of staid riding the same place all the time). Money raised during this years' Tour de Tryptophan benefits the SHARE Mountain Bike Club, the Orange County chapter of the International Mountain Bike Association, helping to maintain and promote the trails of the OC. Worthwhile. If you still need something to do on Saturday, or even tonight for that matter, the ride goes until noon on the 26th. Organizers, and SHARE have their trailer and table set up at the court house in Fullerton, upper parking lot. Look for them there, sign in, pay a few bucks, pick out an event tee, and ride. Just ride.


another garden

turn about

garden art

mailbox art

Laguna Lake and park

another passing rider

another passing rider

different tracks

through the tunnels

putting my feet up, with a view - why yes, that it Mt. Badly back there

event tee