Old Places, New Trails

I got an unusually late start to my ride yesterday. It was afternoon, with the sun making it feel like July, rather than November. It was not an impressive ride, let me tell you. I climbed to the top of one hill, one of those kind that has a straight steep ending to it; when I got to the top, dripping sweat and breathing hard, I hadn't had quite enough torture so I rode circles around the small flat summit, checking out the view in each direction. To the south were the switchbacks leading up to the dam, to the west was the roar of the 57 freeway, east was Raging Waters (sort of southeast actually). Looking down I saw a dirt road (part of the perimeter looping Bonelli Trail). I thought, "I have ridden that road, but never that part of it, and darned if it isn't heading into that nice shady oak grove down in that ravine." Make no mistake, that is exactly where I went.

anyone else notice how the jungle, or Nam, or Little Nam, feels a little less jungle-like lately. the park's people have been doing a lot of clearing of undergrowth which has really opened things up

looking south - Tuesday night switchbacks up the hill in the middle

the 57 over Via Verde bridge

R.I.P. Davey

surprised by all the Toyon berries

the flotilla just before they split into small attack squadrons