Bring on the Night, and Donuts

Yeah, donuts. In fact lets start with those donuts. The chefs of Pappas Artisanal, and the soon to be Grizzly's Biscuits and Donuts, brought a big box of, still warm, donuts for our post ride feast which included yuuuuuggggly good tacos by MMM Tacos to go with a pint of the La Verne Brewing Co's finest amber-colored brew. Donuts, not just breakfast food, these ones make a fine and appropriate dessert too. The typical looking round glazed one, that I had, was anything but typical tasting, a little more dense, but super soft, melt-in-your-mouth stuff. I'll be counting the days to the opening of the new Claremont location.


Reggatta de Blanc. It was the second album by the Police (I guess I just wasn't hip enough to be into them when their first album came out a year earlier), and it was unlike any of the music I had been into before then - you know Black Sabbath, Alice Cooper, Kansas, Peter Frampton, Aerosmith.. that list goes on. Among the songs on Reggatta de Blanc was one called Bring on the Night, and though I don't believe I have heard the song in quite some time I can still hear each note, each intonation in my head (or at least the chorus part); for some reason that song came to me tonight.

"The afternoon has gently passed me by
The evening spreads its sail against the sky
Just another day...

Bring on the night
I couldn't stand another hour of daylight..."

Yes indeed. If it is Tuesday bring on the night because with it comes another Two Wheel Tuesday.

While Ed takes some photos of his own everyone else shares some laughter while taking in the amazingly clear view over Pomona

full moon riding

not much dust being raised at this point, that is just a dirty lense.