Two Wheel Tuesdays: The Way of the Rider

If we can learn anything from watching the pros it is that when we exchange bikes, whether it be from the roof of a support vehicle or from another rider, and the trade does not work out, it is that we should pick the offending bike up over our head and smash it to the ground. Hopefully it breaks in two, or three and then, for effect if nothing else, we should give it a good kick while it is down. Needless to say there should also be a lot of cursing and name calling, all directed at the bike, of course. After all, how could the thing not be a perfect match.

Well, someone on the 2-Wheel Tuesday Ride (mtb version) needs to do some studying in order to get it right. When two riders made a switch part way through this week's ride there was none of that. A little saddle adjustment, but that was about it. No dramatic tantrum, and not once did I hear a "you stupid bike." It was all about civility and getting on with the ride. I was disillusioned, I tell you what. I mean I would never mistake myself for a pro-level rider, but I assumed everyone knew how to throw a good bike exchange fit.

Seriously though, when a more experience rider switches bikes with a less experienced rider, so that the latter has an easier time on the trail, that is community, it is what the group ride is all about. Community. And Riding. And fun. And, maybe, a beer afterward.

Two Wheel Tuesday Rides leave from the La Verne Brewing Company at 6:30pm each Wednesday. No, Tuesday. 

up on Fatt Hill

one last adjustment, then on with the show

back at the start, La Verne Brewing Company, the dirt crew at one table,
the roadies at the others. [sigh] when will the divisiveness end?