Signs of the Times

What? Another politically-motivated post? you say. No, not this time I reply. Just pointing out that new trail signage has been spreading around Bonelli Park. I noticed the first one about two, maybe three weeks ago, and spotted a couple more this morning, all toward the east side of the park, south of Via Verde. There used to be a greater number of trail signs around the park but, over time they were stolen or otherwise misplaced, and the place has pretty much been sign-free for a few years now. Over the intervening years when talking about trail riding at Bonelli you could never really refer to trails by their names, you would have to use descriptions otherwise no one would know what trail you were talking about. Now, or eventually, we will be able to say things like "yeah, I wasn't paying attention while riding the Lake View Trail and went over the side" and people will know that was just lame, because Lake View is a nice wide dirt road. Anyway, the signs are not appearing quickly, and I don't know what the impetus was, but LA County Parks and Recreation is on top of it and they are slowly spreading. 

this one near the Via Verde east entrance

the mrs. is tired of all the dust and rode disguised as chiquita bandita

I would never ask a random hiker to pose for a photo,
but the mrs. is more bold - Beckett took his human for a walk this morning and obliged.