Kids, Pumpkins, Goat-heads, Oh My

This was the second most exhausting hundred mile ride I have ever done. Except... it wasn't one hundred miles, it was more like eleven. Maybe twelve. Clearly then it wasn't the distance that did me in. So what was it? The heat? Sure it was hot, but i've ridden in worse. Heavy traffic? No, the drivers on this Saturday morning all seemed to be very accommodating. Must have been the eleven + little kids (that is eleven between two families, and then a few more as well). That's what is was. It has been a long time since I last tried to keep track of even my one on the open road, let along a multitude. Thank goodness the parents were there. Whew. But still...

If you were unaware (shame on you) today was the Pumpkin Patch Pedal, the Pomona Valley Bicycle Coalition's (PVBC) annual ride to the Pumpkin Festival at Cal Poly U, Pomona.

At 7:30 in the morning, having finished my coffee, I envisioned an early mountain bike ride at Bonelli Park, but when 8:00 came around I ran upstairs and told the mrs. "come on, lets go to the Pumpkin Patch Pedal." For some reason (I didn't read the fine print) I thought the ride left at 9:00. Rushing over to the Arts Colony in Pomona, we arrived with an hour to spare. Of course there were not many riders at that point, and I don't think any kids, but John and Sarah were there, the guys from Sunset Cycles, who were helping out with last minute maintenance issues, and then there were the people from with some yogurt/fruit cups, which were much appreciated.

It didn't take long for the first families to show up, and then we were off. Kids in trailers, kids on tandems, kids in cargo bikes, and kids on their own bikes. It was awesome, and I have to tell you, a reflection on some good parenting, or teaching, or something, that all those kids on their own bikes were very well versed on how to ride in the road. And what an example they set - the closer we got to the Cal Poly campus, and the festival grounds, the more motor vehicles there were, filled with people who might never have considered riding, yet as they passed, or otherwise looked out their window, here were all these kids doing just that. Our hope for the future.

Yeah. And then there were the big kids, one in particular riding a green Ibis Hakkalugi, who had to go riding through the grass of a local park on the way back. Twenty goat head thorns PER TIRE sounds about right. But hey, there is a talent to riding on double flats right?

all that orange back there

Cal Poly student was passing by Thomas Plaza this morning on his way to study, and decided to join the ride - cool

Halloween spirit

the CLR Effect approves this message

Bike SGV

Here come some pumpkins

studies have proven it is impossible to not fall asleep in a trailer, or cargo bike, at nap time

If you missed today's ride, you have another chance tomorrow, as the PVBC, in association with the Women on Wheels will, again, be riding to the festival with free tickets for participants. As for me - not a mom, and anyway I will still be pulling thorns out of my tires most of the morning.