Cycling Claremont: The Old School House Restoration

If you are a Claremont resident you probably already know (because you read the Courier, or shop at Trader Joe's, or something) about the continuing Old School House restoration. If not, well here you go - to restore a portion of the building (east side) to its original appearance, a later addition which previously housed the restaurant Casa de Salsa, was demolished, uncovering three bas relief sculptures on the walls at ground level. I stopped by this past weekend hoping I could get a shot of them. Unfortunately, with all the construction fencing and equipment, they just are not visible to the public right now. However, while I was peeking over fences and around bins, the mrs. commented that she could not recall seeing the two column-top sculptures (shown here) before. While I know they have always been up there, I think the old restaurant created so much distraction that they were not really noticeable until now. Without the visual clutter they clearly stand out, and are very distinct. You can check out the pair now but, like myself, will need to wait for the restoration to be completed in order to see those bas reliefs.