I was pretty confident that we were far enough into the year by now for that cursed Raging Waters to be closed. But no, the never-ending supply of drivers, all (yes, all) of whom exceed the fifteen mile per hour speed limit, and most of whom exceed it, seemingly, by a factor of three were out bulling their way across the dam to the detriment of a peaceful morning ride. 

Well, thankfully our knobby tires provided the means to escape all that. Funny thing is (not) some of those areas of escape may not be as quiet as you might think. During a brief respite atop Fatt Hill I looked down to spot a pickup hauling a trailer of jet skis along the closed-to-motor-vehicle pedestrian and bike route along the south shore. "You've got to be kidding." There is just no escape from drivers who can't, or are unwilling, to follow simple rules. The irony is that none of those speeding drivers are there to use the park, but are simply passing through it to get somewhere else. Sounds a lot like an old complaint about Griffith Park being used as a freeway alternate to the detriment of the experience of legitimate park users. Grump out.

from atop Fatt Hill even the jet skies are distantly quiet

serenity now - ducks floating lazily on the water, and moored tomol (if in fact it is a tomol)