Sometimes you'll see it as splotches, rusty pockmarks staining the landscape, and other times as great waves rushing down a hillside, flowing over everything in its path. Buckwheat. It is difficult to miss this time of year, and even more difficult to ignore. In fact to do so probably requires conscious effort. But then why would you want to do that? I took a close look during rides this weekend, split between the SGRT and Bonelli Park and noticed a great range in growth pattern; those spread out along the San Gabriel River Trail seemed more crimson, a little more pliable, perhaps due to slightly cooler temperatures, slightly more morning moisture. The swaths at Bonelli contained drier patches, rust turning black with brittle stalks. Surprisingly, though, Bonelli also had plants still in bloom, small white flowers contrasting with puffs of rust. A lot to see when we ride - up close, and far away.