Cycling Claremont: The Claremont Rangers

After the Claremont Hills Wilderness Park (CHWP) was formalized a number of years ago I began to wonder when the first citizen's patrol, that group of dedicated, civic-minded regulars would form up. It is not an unusual idea, and such groups have often been organized, in locales far and wide, under the auspices and direction of some government entity or agency. I never saw or heard anything similar for the CHWP, then I (mostly) stopped riding there and forgot all about the idea...

Until this past 4th of July celebration. That is when I saw, first the woman above on the bike clearly identified by the City of Claremont Park Ranger stickers followed, later, by the float in the parade. So, there is a staff that does more than keep things tidy at, not only the CHWP, but all the city parks.

Anyway, back to that idea of a group of volunteers: It turns out that there is a way for the dedicated, civic-minded regular park user to be involved - the city has a reserve ranger program where locals can interact with city staff and park visitors, sharing park information, assisting in emergencies, carrying out inspections, etc. For more information check the Park Ranger page on the City's website.